Ricardo Martins

PhD Thesis


Development of techniques for haptic exploration and recognition of objects - a contribution to autonomous robotic hands


Ricardo Martins [ Google Scholar ]


Jorge Dias [ Google Scholar ]

Miguel Castelo-Branco [ Google Scholar ]

Supporting materials: code and data

Additional details in the PhD thesis full-text manuscript. Check below.

Open Data: Human dexterous manipulation multimodal database]

Open Code: importDatasetTB MATLAB toolbox: integration of multi-modal data from human manipulation demonstrations]

Open Code: Human body and hand kinematic structure analysis in a 3D virtual environment]

Open Code: Reconstruction of octrees (volumetric grid) from 3D point-cloud]

Open Code: Instrumented Rubik cube touch data visualization too]

Alternative full-text PDF:

Chapter 0: Cover, Acknowledgment, Abstract - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 1: Introduction - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 2: Fundamentals - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 3: Dexterous manipulation and exploration: from Humans to robots - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 4: Recording Human manipulation and exploration movements - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 5: Recognition of grasping primitives using tactile sensory data - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 6: Categorization of soft objects during haptic exploration tasks - [download pdf - web version]

Chapter 7: Active haptic exploration of surfaces using robotic hands - [read and cite Neurocomputing paper (2017)] | [read and cite IROS paper (2014)]


University of Coimbra

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